Beginner Obedience – Designed for both puppies and adult dogs.  Building a good training bond is essential for good dog behavior.  We teach basic obedience manners including sit, down, walking nicely on leash, stay, come when called, socialization and other skills.  We pay special attention to preventing bad habits for our puppies and retraining these habits in our adolescent and adult dogs. We are also qualified to test for the AKC Star puppy award upon request.


Level II Obedience – We recommend continuing your dog’s education past the basics, especially for adolescent dogs.  Most of our standout students have come out of this class!  In this intermediate obedience class, the learning abilities of the dogs really seem to blossom.  We strengthen the training bond, cement the basics and take your dog’s skills to the next level !  Distance work, advanced hand signals, CGC exercises and ignoring progressively difficult distractions are just a few of the practical behaviors taught in this intermediate class.  This class is beneficial for those interested in pursuing their AKC Canine Good Citizen award (CGC), Advanced class, Rally Obedience class, or any of the performance events such as agility, obedience, tracking etc.   All Level II graduates may return at any time if there are openings and receive 50% off.


Advanced Skills Class (includes Rally, Beginner Novice and competition skills) – This class is for those who want to participate in a fun activity with their dog while fine tuning their skills and learning many brand new exercises.  We concentrate on improving communication skills with your dog as well as learning advanced exercises.  The class is non-competitive, but many of our students excel so quickly that they decide to enter the exciting world of competition.  For those deciding to compete, this class is geared toward preparing you for your Beginner Novice obedience, and Rally titles.   Pre-requisite:  Level II obedience.


Canine Good Citizen (CGC) – Is your dog a good citizen?  If he can pass a test of good dog manners—he is!  Those who pass earn an award/title given by the AKC and become a part of a very elite group.  Rebecca is a certified AKC evaluator and usually offers this test twice yearly with an optional prep class.  See CGC page for a list of the required skills and email the Instructor for more information or to sign up.